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The Skinny on Vitamin C

I feel the pain of my client’s frustration with product choices in today’s world of skincare! We have been conditioned to jump to the next new miracle cream that only leaves us with a bunch little bottles under our sink. We waste our time with too many complicated products that may, in the long run, be the cause of additional damage to our skin. Keep it simple and remember that Marketing is not Truth!

The following is some of the latest research on Vitamin C:

vitamin C

The Skinny on Vitamin C Benefits

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to slow the rate of damage (aging) caused by those unstable molecules called free radicals.
  • Free radicals cause dark spots, fine lines, dryness and wrinkles by damaging the skin’s collagen.
  • Vitamin C is fundamental to collagen production.
  • With consistent topical use, Vitamin C can protect your skin from environmental, chemical and sun damage. Aging and brown spots!
  • Vitamin C has many beneficial properties to brighten and whiten skin.
  • It can be absorbed through the skin!

The Skinny on Facts to Consider
  1. Vitamin C is available in many forms or derivatives.
  2. Ascorbic Acid is the most popular form of Vitamin C.
  3. Of these derivatives most are either water or lipid (fatty acid) soluble.
  4. Lipid forms are more easily absorbed into the cellular level of the skin (which is where you want them).
  5. Some forms of Vitamin C can be highly unstable, meaning you can loose the benefits before or shortly after they are applied to skin. Also, applying unstable forms can cause damage to your skin.
  6. Ascorbic Acid has been known to cause skin irritation leaving a rash and or dryness.

The Skinny on how to choose a good Vitamin C
I’d like to introduce our favorite form of Vitamin C, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (what a mouth full!) also known as THDA. Here’s how it fits into the puzzle.
  • Skin Brightening -THDA reduces the synthesis of melanin (which gives us our skin color) by 80%.
  • Decrease of sagging and wrinkles- THDA increases collagen production by 50% (twice as much as simple ascorbic acid can).
  • Better Absorption-THDA, being lipid soluble can penetrate the skin much better than other forms of Vitamin C.
  • Anti-inflammatory - It has effectively treated acne in 80% of patients in studies performed.

Natural Sun Protection-This product also has been shown to protect the skin’s cells better than other forms of Vitamin C against both UVA and UVB rays that can cause wrinkles.

A quality Vitamin C can calm, strengthen, lighten and protect the skin. It can be used with most skin issues. We feel that THDA is the most reliable and effective form on the market today. In my humble opinion, every one should be using a Vitamin C. Our salon and online store offers elegant THDA Vitamin C serum for both normal and sensitive skin called 302-Boost that is economical, organic, and preservative free!

vitamin C

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