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What is 302/Avogen?

302 Professional Skincare Products are elegant, economical, convenient and best of all, deliver results!

The skin is like any other organ and we need to support it, not bombard it with harsh chemicals that pollute and weaken it. Many traditional skin care products provide short term, superficial results, but end up causing long term damage, such as pre-aging, sensitivities, acne and blotchy, thin skin.

302 is a luxurious, organic, non-toxic line that revolutionalizes the way we address skin care. Based on the calming effects of avocado lipids and an acid free philosophy, 302 creates a balance between overstimulation and underperformance, preserving the skin's overall health. The first step is to rid the skin of any visible or underlying inflammation with 302's preservative free products.


Second, the miracle ingredient AvogenTM , found only in the avocado, supports the skin down to the dermal layer, nourishing the skin cells at their core. The result is a softening of skin, which is important in resolving most issues. Your skin will be well on its journey to better health.

Lastly, with their non-acid forms of Vitamins C and A, and benzoyl peroxide free acne treatments corrections can be made without the toxic effects of acid based, traditional products.

302 can address most skin care concerns: anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, sensitivities/Rosacea and acne while supporting overall health of the skin. Elegant and easy to use, 302 Skincare Products support the long term health of the skin, creating a more youthful and glowing you!

Avogen now in supplement form and topical mist!

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